In 2000, after having worked for over 30 years in hospitals, Giovanni Cusaro holder of a medical and a pharmaceutical diploma, decides to dedicate himself to natural medicine and moves to the old family farm. In the 2 hectares fields next to the farm, where his grandfather Giovanni used to cultivate rice, Doctor Cusaro starts cultivating with natural techniques, and without using chemical products, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, redcurrant, blackcurrant, whitecurrant, and aromatic and medical plants.
Willing to share with others his passion, he inaugurates in 2003 the holiday farm with 5 rooms created out of the old rice weeders house, and then the restaurant where to taste the products of the farm.
In 2010, are made the last transformations, creating 6 new rooms out of the rice drier house. The farm holiday can be defined as eco-friendly: as well as the natural methods of cultivating, the thermic isolation of the roof is made with wood fibre insulating board, the heating is supplied with maize, solar panels provides warm water, and a photovoltaic power plant provides all the electric energy we need.

Giovanni Cusaro and all his staff, are attending to you, to make you discover that little green oasis far from smog, but so close and easy to reach, where sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch finally recover an old and healthy balance.